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06820 Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are the most popular and most recent technological advance when it comes to dental restorations. Most people can benefit from them, but two obstacles that you may think prevent you from getting them are not having sufficient or strong enough bone in your jaw for placement to be successful and also the potential costs. Well, Middlesex Dental Group offers mini dental implants that provide the advantages of dental implants at a more attractive price and without the same requirements for jaw bone viability. Our Darien prosthodontist is committed to helping you to restore your complete smile in the best, most efficient, safe, and cost effective way possible. Mini dental implants are yet another way of fulfilling that commitment.

Mini dental implants are not a good option if you have only one tooth to replace, but if you have multiple consecutive teeth that need to be restored, mini dental implants may be something you want to consider. As mentioned earlier, regular dental implants need a strong and healthy jaw bone, but often when there are several teeth that have been lost, the sockets where the teeth used to be will become eroded. If gum disease was present, bone tissue may be lost as a result also. Sometimes, bone grafting can rectify the situation and allow a regular dental implant to be placed, but this is a time consuming and costly process so that must be taken into consideration when deciding which route to take. Our Darien prosthodontist can cut down on both the cost and the time with mini dental implants.

To effectively place mini dental implants, support posts, made of titanium, are placed but without the cutting of the gums that would normally take place with regular dental implants. This means no stitching is required and therefore there will be fewer visits and a deceased healing time. Your mini implant can be placed much more quickly too. The result is a full set of teeth that are more affordable and a process that is not nearly as long. Call us today and schedule an appointment to consult with our Darien prosthodontist to find out if mini dental implants are a good idea for you.

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