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When it comes to the things that threaten your oral well-being, at the very top of the list is dental plaque. It’s sticky, invisible, and its acids erode your precious tooth enamel, leading to the formation of cavities. Furthermore, those same acids irritate and redden your gums. Dental plaque can do much worse, though. Here at Middlesex Dental Group, we are dedicated to putting a stop to the impact it has on your teeth and gums.

If it were possible to eliminate all of the sugar and starch you consume, you would not have any dental plaque. But let’s face facts and say that it’s not a very likely possibility. You need some sugar in your diet, after all, though typically far less than the average person consumes. So keep a watch on how much you do have and you won’t have as much dental plaque to contend with. Dealing with it is an everyday thing, so our Stamford dentist office highly recommends that you address it by brushing your teeth frequently. The ideal schedule is to do so when you awaken, after meals, and then again at bedtime. Flossing only needs to be done once per day, before you go to sleep. Not only will it loosen plaque between your teeth, but it will also dislodged any food remnants there. Supplement the above with a teeth cleaning at our Stamford dentist office two times per year. It’s part of a complete oral exam, and in addition to eliminating any residual plaque, it is essential for eradicating tartar, the buildup of which is the result of plaque that was not taken care of by your oral hygiene. Plaque is sneaky. It hides away, such as in gum pockets, hardening into tartar.

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