Stamford root canal

Stamford Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Stamford

Should you be nervous about root canal therapy? Absolutely not. If there was a time when this treatment provoked anxiety, it was a long time ago. Now, we at Middlesex Dental Group are able to assure you that state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques combine to make the process a smooth one. And when done under local anesthesia, there is little to no discomfort at all. Most of our patients confirm this. However, we do offer sedation for those of our valued patients who require or desire it. With that, you can be certain of having full relaxation.

The most common reason for our Stamford root canal is to address a bacterial infection in the pulp of your tooth, which is located at the base of the tooth, inside, right next to the nerve. This occurs because the tooth’s natural protective layers have been compromised, usually as the result of a cavity, loose filling, lost filling, chipped tooth, or a crack or fracture. Pain should be expected from the infection, and it is often most acute when pressure is put on the tooth, including while chewing food. Sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot and cold is also likely. There may also be tooth discoloration and/or gum tenderness. Our Stamford root canal consists of removing the injured pulp and nerve, and then cleaning and disinfecting the canals, after which they are sealed as prevention against future infections. Full viability is restored with the addition of a dental crown that is cemented to the tooth after healing has occurred. The root canal therapy itself may take one or more sessions. You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown between visits, if applicable.

Our Stamford root canal is the only treatment that can save an infected tooth and help you avoid the loss of the tooth. Please call us to arrange a prompt appointment if you have one or more of the listed signs.

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